Materials Needed

  • Paperclips in a variety of colors
  • Plastic cups (Like Solo cups)
  • String or plastic cord for hanging
  • Small screwdriver (or other tool to poke holes)
  • Googly eyes
  • Jingle bells

Ready to Begin? Great!

  • Have an adult poke hols around the top (drinking edge) of the plastic cup. This can be done with a small screwdriver or other sharp tool.
  • Link paperclips into chains of various lengths.  
  • Attach bells to one end of paperclip chain and hook each other end through the poked holes around the top of the cup
  • If you have any eye hooks around, you can try using one to connect your string to the cup. if not you can place a string or plastic cord through the whole in the bottom of the cup. Pull the sting through and tie a knot on the end inside of the cup bigger then the whole made. Pull towards the bottom of the cup and secure, tie the other end with a loop for hanging. 
  • Decorate your project with eyes, you can also take this opportunity to add glitter or paint to the cup as well.